Our goal is to improve the economic well being of the people by helping all species of animals

Who We Are

We are the longest ongoing volunteer animal welfare programs in the Caribbean. By providing veterinary care to animals, we have improved both the treatment of animals and the economic well being of the people.

Since inception, we have performed more than 10,000 surgeries and treated tens of thousands of domestic animals in the Samana peninsula

Recognized By:

Dominican Government

The Dominican Government noted our effectiveness by thanking Project Samana with a RESOLUTION OF GRATITUDE  presented by Ramona Paredes De La Cruz, Presidente Ayuntamiento, and Virgilio Mercado De Pena, Sindico Municipal.

Associations Make a Better World

The International awards program gave Project Samana an  Honorable Award in Social Achievement РProject Samana was one of only three US-based organizations to receive an award.