***AS of 2021, due to new CDC Regulations, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO BRING DOGS BACK TO THE STATES***

Looking to adopt? Find pictures and bios of adorable Samana rescues! We work with volunteers in the Dominican Republic that find street dogs in dire situations. We provide medical care and they provide a loving foster home for the dog or cat to recover. In some situations, once the animal is treated we can either no longer place the animal back in the environment or we see that the dog or cat is super friendly and would make someone a great pet! While we do encourage people in Samana to adopt, we have volunteers that can transport dogs that are going to be adopted. See the pictures below for details and follow us on Social Media.Meee

Meet our Latest adoption candidates from November 2019/ June 2020

Boca Negra is a beautiful 2 &1/2 year old spayed, female street dog. She was found with a front leg injury but that hasn’t stopped her from climbing tables and having fun mischief! She is very high energy and loves to walks, running and playing. She is house broken and leash trained.
Update 2021: Carbon has been adopted!!
Carbon is a 2 &1/2 year old neutered male, his previous owner died and Carbon was abandoned on the streets. A volunteer became aware of Carbon’s situation when she found him crying outside, she said he cried for months following. He is a very sweet, very affectionate young man. He knows French and some Spanish! He would do well with family that can give him love and attention. He is leash and housebroken. He does well with other dogs.
2021 Update: WeeWee has been adopted!!
Weewee was found on the streets as a puppy and brought to Project Samana as a stray. She was adopted by locals but was returned after 6 months as she did not enjoy being an outside dog. She loves to trot around and play. She is just over 1 year old and would like to meet a family that treats her like the queen she is! She is still skittish of strangers but we are confident with the right home and encouragement that will change. She is working on leash training and is housebroken. She loves cuddling and doing zoomies!
Update 2021: Leila has been adopted!!
Leila is a beautiful hound mix! She is 2.5 years old and is spayed. She is leash trained and housebroken. She loves to sun herself and play with her sister Minerva ( who is also available for adoption)
Minerva is a 2.5 year old spayed female and Leila’s sister. She loves to run and play with toys. She will do zoomies all over her backyard. She is looking for a high energy person or family to play all day and cuddle with at night. She is house broken and leash trained, though she does prefer to be off leash running free in a fenced in backyard.
Irma is a 3 year old spayed female street dog, she is named after the Hurricane Irma, but not because of the chaos it brought but due to the whirlwind disaster she was before she was rescued. She was a new mom wandering the streets with her puppies and was hit by a car . She was touch and go but she stayed alive for her babies! She doesn’t have any lasting issues from being hit. She loves to hang out and go for walks. She is looking for a comfortable life filled with cookies, beds and maybe even a couch. She is willing to work for her supper by being a fun companion!
Gimpy is a adult neutered male we estimate around 4 years old. He was found with a old injury to his left front leg. He can weight bear on the leg while walking but when he gets to running, he becomes a tripod. At this point his injury is non-painful and not causing issues so we have elected to not remove the bum leg. He clearly isn’t bothered by it. He is the sweetest, most gentle soul you could possibly meet. He loves meeting new people and is very well mannered especially for a streetwise pup!
Coyote is a young approximately 1-2 year old neutered male that just got into mischief on the street. He was hit by a car when he ran away from the car accident, he ran into a neighboring house and was hit on the head with a machete! Luckily for Coyote, he was found by a volunteer, his injuries from the car accident did not do permanent damage. The bump on his head is scar tissue from the Machete. Even with all that happened Coyote has no fear of anything! He is a mover and a shaker. He does need to be kept on leash or in a fenced in area as he likes to explore. He needs an active person or family to go on adventures with! He really really wants to see the world beyond Samana
Coco is a 3-4 year old spayed female. She loves people and is very smart, highly adaptable to training. She really enjoys walks. She is a dominant female, as such does not do well with other female dogs. She can behave and play well with male dogs. She would do best in a no dog or 1 male dog environment. Though I imagine her ideal family has her and only her to spoil. She dreams of being Queen of the Castle!
Saona, named for a remote island off the Dominican coast, she is a 4-5 year old spayed female who is anything but remote. She loves being with people. Even when she was on the street she enjoyed following people around town. She doesn’t mind other dogs or cats but would prefer to have people that are around. She loves to walk around on leash and is housebroken. She promises if you adopt her she will always be around to cuddle!